How to Straighten a Leaning Tree in San Diego

If you live in the local San Diego area, then you know that there is nothing quite like the landscape that dominates this region. If you have trees in the yard of your home or office, then you want to make sure that they remain tall, strong, and beautiful. On the other hand, if you noticed that one of your trees is starting to lean, this can be a cause for serious concern. You could be worried that the tree is unhealthy and might be dying. Or, if the tree is leaning towards a building, it can lead to serious property damage or injuries if it falls on the building. The good news is that it is possible to straighten a leaning tree as a part of commercial tree services. Take a look at how you can straighten a leaning tree below!

Why is the Tree Leaning?

Before you decide to reach out to tree removal services, it is important to talk a little bit about why the tree might be leaning in the first place. Some of the most common reasons why trees begin to lean to one side or the other include:

  • There was a severe storm that came through the area recently that pushed the tree to one side
  • There have been a lot of high winds recently that has slowly shifted the tree over time
  • Heavy precipitation in the form of snow or rain can also cause a tree to lean to one side

These are a few of the most common reasons why a tree might be leaning. The good news is that it is possible to make a tree straight enough with a comprehensive plan.

Do You Need To Stake a Leaning Tree?

One of the first questions that people are going to ask is whether or not they are going to need to stake a leaning tree. In the vast majority of situations, the tree is going to grow well without requiring stakes. On the other hand, there may be unique situations where stakes might be required in order to stop the tree from leaning as a part of emergency tree services.

In general, the younger the tree is, the more likely it is going to require a set of stakes to prevent it from leaning. New saplings have relatively small root balls. These roots are not going to be strong enough to support the growth of the tree if it is leaning to one side. If they are beginning to bend under their own weight, particularly in a windy area, then it might be necessary to use a set of stakes to keep the tree straight.

Making the Tree Straight

The entire goal of using stakes is to make sure the tree is readily supported until its root system has to bail out well enough to support the tree on its own. If you decide to use stakes, then it is important to leave the stakes in place for only a single growing season. Make sure that the materials are strong enough to support the tree. In general, the stakes will need to be about 5 feet long. Most trees are only going to require one stake and one guying rope.

In order to straighten out the tree, drive the stake directly into the ground. It should be located at the edge of the planting hole and upwind of the tree. Then, attach the rope to the stake. Use a cloth or piece of rubber to attach the tree to the rope itself. Do not tie the rope directly to the trunk of the tree, as it will simply cut through the bark.

What if the Tree Has Been Uprooted?

If you notice the tree has been uprooted, one-third of the root system has to be planted in the ground in order to save the tree. Otherwise, the tree may be severely damaged. Try to clean as much soil as you can from the exposed roots. Then, gently straighten the tree. Try to plant the roots beneath the level of the ground again, as this will provide the tree with the best chance of survival. If the tree is laying flat on the ground, then the situation may be hopeless. This is a situation where reaching out to trained professionals can be helpful.

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