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Tree Chipping

Tree chipping is a great way to get rid of downed branches, fallen trees, and other yard waste on your property. Leaving downed trees or branches lying around can harm the appearance of your landscape or even pose as a liability risk. It’s important to take action of removing your downed trees/branches as soon as possible.


The best option for getting rid of those trees and branches quickly and efficiently is to have them ‘chipped’(turned into woodchips). We’ve successfully chipped thousands of trees from all over San Diego – from coastal communities like Carlsbad and Encinitas, to inland communities like Rancho Bernardo and Rancho Santa Fe, all the way to mountain communities like Julian and Ramona. Contact us online or call (619) 929-2667 today, and our in-house arborist will get you a free estimate for your tree to be chipped.

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What is Tree Chipping


Essentially tree chipping is the process of running fallen trees and branches through a woodchipping machine. The branches or tree pieces are fed into one end of the machine, and wood chips come out the other end. This is the preferred method of getting rid of yard waste for several important reasons. One of the main reasons is that it’s less costly than having large trees or branches hauled away, and it’s also much more convenient for the homeowner or business owner.

It’s very important not to leave trees that have fallen lying around, and the same is true with branches of any size. When these things lie on the ground for very long, they can kill grass and cause other problems for the landscape. They can also start to decompose, making it much more difficult to get rid of them easily later. Additionally, they can draw in bugs and other pests, and can become a tripping hazard and a danger to people walking on the property.

Having someone get injured due to fallen branches, trees, and other debris could mean costly medical bills and even a lawsuit. While you may think about taking on the job yourself, with a rented wood chipper, that’s not really as good of an idea as it sounds. More than 100 people are killed every year by wood chippers, and many more than that are injured. We have the tree chipping experience to get the job done and keep you safe at the same time.


The Tree Chipping Process


When you hire us for your tree chipping service, you get the value of experience and proper labor, along with the machinery required to do the job right. We can also clean up any mess the wood chips leave behind, or if you’d prefer, you can also use these chips in flower beds and other areas for mulch. It usually only takes a couple of hours to turn a tree into wood chips, but it can depend on the size of the tree, the condition it’s in, and the type of wood. Chipping is far less expensive than many other removal methods, though, and Pope Tree Service will provide a detailed, written estimate for you before any work is done.


Why Pope Tree Service?


We have more than three decades of experience, and we are fully licensed and insured. We service customers from San Marcos to Scripps Ranch, and from Del Mar to Rancho Penasquitos. Give us a call today, and get a quote from a trusted, professional company with hundreds of happy customers.

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We’re a proud family-owned and run business ready and able to handle all your tree trimming needs in Ramona, Julian, Rancho Penasquitos, Del Mar, Scripps Ranch, San Marcos, and throughout North and East County San Diego. Give us a call at (619) 929-2667 today for a free quote for all your tree chipping needs in San Diego, CA.

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