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The best residential & commercial tree care, trimming, removal and other tree services in Poway.

Poway Tree Services

Since 1985, the professional tree care experts at Pope Tree Service have been delivering quality tree and shrub solutions to Poway residents in every walk of life.


Residential neighborhoods on Espola Road, spacious estates around Highcrest Court, and centralized planned communities just off Poway Road house some of the most longtime members under Pope Tree Service’s professional care.


In addition, many businesses in Poway rely on the landscape solutions of Pope Tree Service. These include country clubs and golf resorts to the north of the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, large-scale retail businesses on the intersection of Community Road and Poway Road, and the many educational facilities that line Pomerado Road. From restaurants and local vineyards to ranches and government properties, Pope Tree Service is prepared to assist with all different types of tree needs.


Nearby neighborhoods in Sabre Springs, Carmel Mountain Ranch, and Rancho Bernardo also rely on the innovative care provided by Pope Tree Service on a frequent basis.


When your Poway property needs nothing but the best in the tree care industry, rely on the knowledgeable servicemen at Pope Tree Service today.

Some of the Tree Services We Provide in Poway Include:

Why We Love Serving Poway

An iconic Southern California town, the people of Poway know that their peaceful life between the sparkling Pacific Ocean and the untouched wilderness of vast state parks balances on a delicate edge. Dozens of local vineyards and golf courses grant the area a highly rustic feel, complete with majestic views of the surrounding area from quiet, almost hidden hiking trailheads. Sharing the rugged landscape with a single highway, the visitors and permanent residents of Poway know all too well how delightful life can be in the desert of Southern California.

We Serve These Areas In Poway:

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Ask the Poway Tree Services Expert

Emil in Poway asks: “What kinds of dangerous pests do I need to be worried about potentially infesting my trees?”

Answer: Due to hot temperatures and seasonally mild winters, pests in Southern California have few limitations on where and when they strike. Most tree-loving pests are dangerous in the sense that they significantly damage or even kill the trees in which they infest. Some of the most common tree pests here in Poway include drywood termites, the polyphonous shot hole borer, tent caterpillars, and carpenter worms. If left to their own devices, these insects will quickly decimate the trees on your property. Regular fertilizations and pest control sprays are a first line of defense against infestation, and help prevent long-term problems relating to tree pests. Healthy trees have a much stronger resistance against pest infestations, and will often recover faster if infestation should occur. Regularly checking your trees for pests should be an important part of your seasonal lawn maintenance. For more information about pest control sprays and foliar tree fertilization, call a tree care expert today.

What Do Satisfied Poway Customers Have to Say?

Pope Tree Service is proud of our 100 years of combined tree care expertise, something that allows us to serve our loyal customers with nothing but excellence.

Cindy T. says: “Just had a large oak tree removed from my back yard.  It was so sad to remove it, but it was into my foundation and plumbing.  Difficult access and lots of potential hazards including neighbors windows and yard.  Their crew utilized “safe” hoists and tie offs, etc. brought the chipper. They provided their insurance certificates before the job after I asked.  The price was lower than the other bids and crew was polite, respectful and cleaned up my property and neighbors property extremely well.”