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The best residential & commercial tree care, trimming, removal and other tree services in Rancho Santa Fe.

Rancho Santa Fe Tree Services

One of the most trusted names in tree care, Pope Tree Service is your local Rancho Santa Fe business tasked with the creation of a perfect harmony between your property and the trees it houses.


There are many residential areas where Pope Tree Service is a proud provider of tree care solutions, including the spacious homes surrounding Rambla De Las Flores, suburban neighborhoods on Linea Del Cielo, and the immaculate mansions on the green of the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course. In addition, commercial properties such as local restaurants on San Dieguito Road, Golf Courses on La Granada, and resorts along the Via Del La Valle are valued members of Pope Tree Service’s professional repertoire.


Other neighborhoods, including Black Mountain Ranch, The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe, and Avaron at Del Sur, are long-time members of Pope Tree Service’s extensive service area.


Ready to start developing the best tree care plan for your home or business? Reach out to the trusted professionals at Pope Tree Service today.

Some of the Tree Services We Provide in Rancho Santa Fe Include:

Why We Love Serving Rancho Santa Fe

Only a few short miles from the Pacific Ocean, the character of Rancho Santa Fe captures the imagination with its lush landscape and highly respected residents. Housing celebrities such as Bill Gates, Bing Crosby, and Howard Hughes, the opportunity to experience a dual nature of rustic beauty and modern amenity is unparalleled anywhere else in Southern California. Rugged canyons, reclusive mountain trails, and ecological reserves create a beautiful space for residents to decompress, along with stunning golf courses that have catered to the people of Rancho Santa Fe for generations. Resorts, spas, and clubs abound for visitors and residents alike, and provide the greatest variety of activity with the least amount of mundane repetition. For homeowners and business managers seeking to grasp life by the horns, the town of Rancho Santa Fe is a dream come true.

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Ask the Rancho Santa Fe Tree Expert

Jonathan in Rancho Santa Fe asks: “What should I do to protect my trees during remodeling or construction work?

Answer: Any construction work or heavy machinery around trees can cause significant damages. The heightened activity and large equipment quickly injure leaves and branches, chip bark, and crush exposed roots. Any one of these issues have the potential to harm a tree beyond the point of normal restoration, and may even kill your tree completely. To protect your trees, use plastic fencing or easily visible signs that protect the growing area by creating an off-limit zone. Additionally, ensure that your barriers or fencing materials are larger than the crown of the tree, and extend a minimum of three to six feet past the widest branches to include any surface roots. If you are not sure your fencing barricades are wide enough to protect your trees during construction work, reach out to a trusted local tree care specialist now to create a plan that’s right for you.

What Do Satisfied Rancho Santa Fe Customers Have To Say?

Kat M. in Rancho Santa Fe says: “We recently had to remove two dying trees from our over grown backyard.  A friend recommended Pope Tree Service and we’re delighted that they did. They were so easy to work with, very professional and carefully explained everything that needed to be done.  They made sure that all of our property was protected during the job and our backyard was in better shape after they finished.  I called several other tree companies and none were as responsive and their cost was very reasonable.  I highly recommend them!”